Say Yes to the Dress! Bridal and Evening Gowns Online Auction

Planning your wedding on a budget?

Don’t want to spend tons of money on a dress you may only wear a few times? Looking for something unique and beautiful? Get the perfect dress for your next gala, prom, black tie event, or even to walk down the aisle for your wedding right here at!

This online auction has floor length gowns, cute short prom or bridesmaid dresses, and bridal gowns in all styles and sizes from designers including Badgley Mischka, Simone Caravalli, Paloma Blanca, Stephen Yearick and Enzoani. Here are just a few examples of the gorgeous dresses we have for sale!

This Stephen Yearick Bridal Gown is one of 11 bridal gowns in this online auction. It is simple and elegant with flattering drop waist and layered top. The tiered bottom is flowy and gives the bride plenty of movement to dance the night away. The back features an sweep train perfect for the bride who wants the look of a train without all the fuss of having to bustle it.

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We also have a variety of designer shorter dresses perfect for prom or ladies in a bridal party from Badgley Mischka and Simone Carvalli. Here are just a few of them:

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We also have 22 evening gowns for the mother of the bride, galas and black tie events from designers like Chris Kole Couture, Rose Taft and Love by Enzoani.

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Get the couture dress you love at the price you set! These dresses preview tomorrow Friday, November 1st from 12-4pm in Potomac, MD. To view bid on these dresses at online auction, go to!


5 Ways to Get the Best Deals on Antiques at Online Auctions


Welcome to our first guest blogger Matt James, the founder of the up and coming online auction site based in the UK, PoundSeller!

Here is his article on 5 ways to get the best deals on antiques at online auctions, which should be very helpful since rasmus online auctions currently has seven different auctions online now that include antiques!

Let’s be honest—Over the last several years, steals on antiques have not been as abundant as in the old days, but if you stick with it, you’ll be sure to reap some rewards for your efforts. Here are five tips that will give you an edge at even the most competitive online antique auctions.

1. Seek antiques often and with a vengeance at online auctions.

If you really want to nab the best deals, you must be willing to pound the pavement (or the keyboard). Research the best auctions, and get to know when they offer the premium antiques.


Antique 5 Drawer Inlaid Desk

2. Be there when an online antique auction begins and ends.

Many people wait until a sale is ready to close up before being present simply to pick up the pieces without having to invest the time and energy. The internet makes auctions more convenient, because you can bid from the comfort of your own home. So make sure you know when an auction begins, and try to stick it out until the end.

3. Know the value of the antiques and if there is a market for them.

Some antiques bring a much higher price online than if you sell them at a live auction. This is because, once again, online auctions can attract a much larger crowd because they’re so convenient.SITTING ROOM GILDED FABRIC SOFA AND TWO CHAIRS

If you plan on reselling the antiques, know how much they’re worth, where you can sell them and if there’s an audience willing to make the purchase. Fortunately, you already know how to use the Internet, and that’s the best place to start your research. You also can call consignment shops or even flea-market vendors and ask for their opinion – the more information you have to hand, the better.


4. Trust your instincts.


Antique Chair with Gilded Fabric

If you are initially attracted to a piece, don’t leave it out of your shopping cart for someone else to snatch up. If you make the decision not to purchase the item, you always can delete it at the checkout stage.

You don’t need to be familiar with every single type of antique to understand if one particular item is worth the investment. The more you immerse yourself in antiques, the more you’ll discover what sets them apart and what renders them truly worthless.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the materials of high quality?
  • Is that design unique?
  • Does something draw your eye?
  • Does the design indicate genuine historical significance?

Sure, knowledge is power, but intuition helps as well. Sometimes it’s best to go with your first impression.

5. Watch out for duds

If something is priced very cheap and the price seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t worth the investment. Many antiques have been the muse for all kinds of reproductions that are modelled exactly on the parameters of the original, but the key is, they’re not the original!

You should also pay attention to how other buyers are bidding, but don’t let their actions dissuade yours. It’s definitely a competitive arena and you’re all trying to achieve the same thing, but bear in mind that they may not have that attention to detail that has served you so well in the past. Trust yourself!

In conclusion, be wary of imitators, stick to your guns (and your budget), but above all, enjoy yourself online. After all, that’s what online antique auctions are all about!


2 High End Office Furniture Auctions


We have two amazing office furniture online auctions coming up that inspect on Monday and close on Tuesday!

These auctions are stacked with high end and designer furniture! We have used Hon Office Furniture, 75 Herman Miller Aeron Chairs, Kimball Desks, and so much more!

The first online auction is the offices of a management consulting firm located in Washington, DC. This office furniture online auction closes Tuesday, September 24th at 11:07 am.

The second online auction is the offices of another management consulting firm located in Bethesda, MD. This office furniture online auction closes Tuesday, September 24th at 12:07pm.

Auction Answers: The Bidding Process

Okay so you are all registered, the $100 authorization has gone through on your card, and you’ve got your bidder number. Now what? It’s time for some Auction Answers about…The Bidding Process

  1. Do I have to register to look at the items in the auction?

Nope. Just enter the auction and click the yellow “bid now” button like the one shown below and you can browse to your heart’s desire.

Auction Blog

      2.  I went through and bid on everything I wanted in the auction, but it didn’t go through, what happened?

Did you enter your bidder number and password at the bottom of each page and hit “submit”? Yep, each page. Looks like this:

Auction Answers Auction Blog

You can also review the bids you have already placed on there and see if you have been outbid.

3.   My business is tax exempt, how does that work?

Just fill out this form with your bidder number and the closing date of the auction on the top and fax it back to us at 703-823-5587. Make sure you send it in well before the close of the auction so you don’t get charged tax when the sale closes. We don’t keep them on file, so resend them each time you want to bid on a new auction.

Don’t worry we know there are still many more Auction Answers that you would like to see so stay tuned for more posts about the bidding process, removals, and even becoming a client! If you have any questions you want answered, just leave them as a comment!

Auction Answers: Credit Cards

Coming up, we will be doing a few installments of Auction Answers to common customer questions (phew, that is a lot of alliteration!). Today’s answers are to questions about your credit card.

We know that when you are dealing with credit cards it is important to be as careful and efficient as possible, so here are a few simple

answers to make sure your online buying experience is as easy as possible!

  1. What is the $100 deposit and how do I get it back?

The $100 “charge” you see on your account when you bid on our auctions is not actually a charge at all. Our system just checks to make sure it is there, and the credit card you have on file is valid. After that, your bank determines how many days or hours it is until the authorization falls off of your account. Don’t forget, this happens for EACH auction that you bid on, so if you are actively bidding on three auctions, there will be three $100 authorizations.

      2.   What if the card I registered with isn’t the card that I want to pay with?

When the sale is over, we automatically charge your card on file. It is best to register with the card that you plan to charge your purchases to.

If you don’t, here is what you need to do to update your information. Make sure you do this WELL before the close of the auction.

  • Enter your bidder number and password and hit Begin. Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 12.13.03 PM
  • Then you will enter the screen where you can update your bidder information.
  • Once your information is updated, check off I HAVE READ AND ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THIS AUCTION
  • Click Update Bidder Profile.

That’s It!

3.  My credit card has been charged, but I didn’t get my invoice. What happened?

Your invoice is most likely in your spam folder, especially if you have an AOL email account. Search for the subject line: Auction purchases – Invoice

We also send out removal reminders that can get grouped with your invoice in your e-mail, so make sure you don’t print those out when you come to the removal. The paper that you need to bring says Invoice at the top and has an itemized list of your purchases.

If you have any other customer questions just comment on this post and we will be sure to answer them! Let us know if these answers helped you out and be sure to stay tuned for more common customer questions!

How to Make Your Next Party Awesome!


Summer may be winding down but we are ready to take your party to the next level with these great items from

Labor day, birthdays, fiestas, festivals, theme parties, BBQs, we have something for everyone! Don’t waste your money on rentals or expensive party supplies, get everything you need right here at your price.

1. Get a Moon Bounce

Who doesn’t love a moon bounce? Well we have TWO over at ready for bidding. Both inflatables are in great condition and ready to go. One is a moon bounce with a slide on the side the other is a dodge ball arena. And if you own it, who says the adults can’t have some fun too? It says good for kids age 6 and up!

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2. Decorate Properly

Now for the decorations. Ambiance is everything and we have an ENTIRE party store worth of decorations! Just a few of the themes that are fully stocked include Mardi Gras, Groovy Retro, Boys and Girls Baby Shower, Casino Night, Oktoberfest, fall and Thanksgiving, and even all of that wrapping to make your present look special.

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3. Serve Great Food

Perhaps you just want to cook out with this portable grill or maybe you want to use your new dishes to serve up some of these cookout classics for Labor Day Weekend! You guests will be impressed with your new serving dishes and the great deals you got!

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You can bid on all of these at but hurry these auctions are closing soon!

Inox Restaurant Tysons Corner Online Auction


Inox Restaurant of Tysons Corner was the epitome of fine dining until they closed down three years ago. Now, we have everything from Inox Restaurant at Online Auction.

Inox Restaurant hasn’t been open for around three years, but is still fully furnished with high end furniture and kitchen equipment. The property manager had hoped to find a new tenant that would want everything in the former fine dining restaurant in tact, but luckily for our buyers, the new tenants have a different concept.

That means that everything from the EuroCave Wine Fridges to the leather dining chairs are available at for online auction. Everything in this sale is top of the line as no expense was spared when the owners were fulfilling their fine dining concept. The inspection is today at 1800 Tysons Boulevard, Suite 70, McLean, VA 22102, so get on over there before 4pm if you would like to see this stuff for yourself.

Just in case you miss the preview, we are including a few of the awesome items we have over there for you to bid on! Whether you want a beautiful dining room set or EuroCave wine fridge for your home or you are looking to furnish your own restaurant, someone is going to get a great deal! To read more about our Inox Restaurant Online Auction check out this article from the Vienna Patch.

5 Tips for Bidding with Rasmus

1. Make sure you (or someone you like/trust) can remove your items.
As soon as a “Terms and Conditions” box stands in our way of signing up for something we want, most of us scroll to the bottom and click the “I agree” button without a second thought. While our terms are quite lengthy, there is one part that you should always consider before going for the “I agree” button. The date and time of the removal. Always make sure that if you are not available on the date of the removal you can find someone that is to pick up the items that you have won. Or, you could even use our new VIP moving service (just email for information) and get your items delivered right to your door.

2. Set it and forget it.
If you want something and you know how much you are willing to pay for it, use the maxbid feature. It’s as easy as entering in the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for an item and letting the auction run its course. Our system will bid on your behalf at the specified increments up to your maximum. If the opposing bidders do not reach your maximum then you win the item and happily open your emailed invoice at the close of the auction! Simple as that.

And if you choose not to use our maxbid feature, which is cool too, try not to wait until the last minute to bid. That way you know that your registration has gone through and all you have to do is watch the item you are already in the running for during the final countdown instead of scrambling to place your first bid.

3. The Early Bird Gets Out of There Fastest!
Come early! If you are coming to a removal and you know that you either have to disassemble something or you might get stuck in traffic or you even just have like 200 chairs to move…come early. As early as possible. We will thank you, and you will thank yourself because the early bird usually gets in and out of the removal and goes on their merry way with all of their items in the quickest manner.

4. No, you can’t move a 500 lb. refrigerator by yourself. Or take apart a maple L-shaped desk with your bare hands.
Bring help! Whether its one of your coworkers, your spouse, a moving company or someone who owes you a favor, bring an extra set of hands if you have a large item. Heck, bring a posse if you have a bunch of large items. And a four-wheel dolly. Trust us, it is better for everyone.

Also, bring tools, especially if the description of your item says, “disassembly required” because as helpful as our on-site crew is, they don’t have tools and they don’t know how to de-install your sink. Unfortunately most wrap-around desks and conference tables do not exactly fit through doorways either. So bring anything you think you might need to get your items out as efficiently as possible to save yourself time and possible frustration!

5. This may seem obvious but…
Make sure that your credit card has enough on it to cover your purchases. We like for the process to go as smoothly as possible for our buyers, so the credit card that you have on file is automatically charged at the close of the auction for the total amount of your purchases. Sometimes credit card companies put a hold on your account when they see a large internet purchase, so just give them a heads up if you know that you want to spend a pretty good amount of money at one of our auctions, especially if you are a first time buyer. And that $100 you see from us before the auction? Don’t worry, we didn’t take it out of your account…we just checked to make sure that it is there.

NAA C&S 2013!

Last week, the Rasmus Auctions crew headed out to Indianapolis, Indiana for the annual National Auctioneers Association Conference and Show. brought a whopping 13 employees to the convention and a great time was had by all! Employees got the chance to sit in on seminars and group sessions about the future of the auction industry and best practices, and meet and mingle with other auctioneers from across the country. Some even tried their hand at a cool virtual auctioneering simulator at the trade show.

Waiting for Chris' Seminar to Start!

Rasmus Team Waiting for Chris’ Seminar to Start!

CEO Chris Rasmus was asked to give a seminar on transitioning to online auctions (yes, we used to do live auctions!) and the room was packed with other auctioneers looking to make the leap to internet only auctions. Chris shared information on making the most of your social media, keeping up with your buyers through email alerts, and even gave a sneak peek look at the new and improved layout of our website that is being rolled out in just a few short weeks!


Rasmus did a ton of networking, met other great auctioneers, and learned many new things from their seminars and peers while at the show. But all work and no play makes Rasmus a dull company which we are definitely not! There were also company lunches (and dinners – see appetizer tower below!) and even a pedi-cab ride through downtown Indianapolis. The whole company had a great time in Indy, and we are all looking forward to the 2014 NAA Conference and Show in Louisville, KY next year!

Hand Crafted Italian Zebrawood Furniture Online Auction

Zebrawood is a rare and beautiful wood known for its bold and unique striping.


Each piece to this Italian dining set was hand crafted with zebrawood. Just take a look at these pictures of the set and you will be sure to fall in love! If you are the winning bidder on one or all of these stunning pieces you will be sure to have an impressive dining room. One of the other highlight pieces is the Barchetta crystal chandelier sure to dazzle anyone invited over to your home. This handcrafted zebrawood dining set is at online auction on Bring this set from the showroom right to your home and buy it all at your price!

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